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Privacy Notice

Protecting your privacy on the Internet and important for www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy carefully describing the type of data we collect online and how it is processed. Any changes to the Information will be communicated through the publication on the site. In the event of modification of the treatment modalities indicated in the Information, prior to any use of your Data, we will notify you by e-mail. On that occasion, we will remind you that you will always be able to exclude the different use of your Personal Information as best described below. This Statement does not refer to the processing of personal data made off-line in our document titled "Data Processing Information Collected at Moncler Outlets".

Using Part Data at www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com
Collecting some of our customer data and improving your shopping experience and communicating our products, services, promotions, and competitions. www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com and the Moncler Outlets will be able to use this information to present you offers, help us develop and improve the site and personalize it according to your interests.

Data Collected by www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com
www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com collects two types of user data: "Personal Data" (such as name, e-mail address, mail address, phone and credit card number) and "Aggregate Data" (ie information about the number Of users who, on a daily basis, access our sites via the log in). For payments related to credit card purchases made on the site.

Data Collected on Line from www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com
By Aggregates Data refers to non-personal, non-identifying or anonymous data referring to you, such as age, sex, type of products purchased, pages to which you access most frequently, or keywords that you type. Such Data is used cumulatively and no holder may be identified by such use. By way of example, and an Aggregate Data is unavailable to identify the holder "the number of people he has purchased at www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com who are 25 years old". The Internet Address Tracking Protocol (IP) and an aggregate Data Collection Method for your on-line activities and other voluntary data you provide. An IP address and a number assigned automatically to your computer when browsing the web, automatically identified by computers that send you web pages. When you access a page from our site, our servers register your IP address.

Using Cookies
A cookie is a small piece of information that is often recorded on Web sites on your hard disk during navigation. Cookies can contain information (such as individual user IDs) that are used to trace the pages of visited sites. www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com uses cookies to make your experience more enjoyable for a variety of reasons, such as allowing you to "E-mail to a Friend" when you sign up and protect the contents of your shopping cart during Your visit. Cookies are also used by www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com to monitor the activities carried out on the site in order to verify which areas and features of the same are the most popular. This information gives us an opportunity to improve and update your experience at www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com. Please note that some sections of our Site, such as areas with limited access to registered users (such as shopping), will not be accessible with inactivated cookies. You will be able to set up your browser in order to refuse cookies or inform you of their sending. If you decide to turn off cookies or reject them, you will not be able to make purchases through our site and you will not allow us to recognize you as a registered user to access your account information.

Notice to P3P Users
The Platform for Privacy Preferences ("P3P") and a standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C") that consists of an automated, mechanically and mechanically readable mechanism to understand the use of your Personal Data By the websites you visit. P3P uses a standard questionnaire with closed-ended questions about the main elements of privacy policies published on websites in order to offer a sample of how a particular web site treats their personal data. P3P browsers can automatically read the questionnaire provided by sites with P3P and compare this data with each user's responses to privacy. As an example, Internet Explorer 6.0 requires third parties to install cookies to send a P3P cookie with compiled policies with their cookies so that other browsers can use that mechanism promptly. To further enhance your on-line experience, the P3P Platform has been installed on the Moncler site and you can find more information on the W3C and P3P at address. In view of some prohibitions in the parameters chosen by W3C, however, the P3P mechanism does not describe the protection Of the privacy of www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com as accurately as this Information. Consequently, in the event of a conflict between this Statement and the P3P Compact Policies, the text of this Statement is forbidden.

Security and SSL
The protection of your order and priority data for us and, to this end, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. To check the security of the connection, have access to the server, look in the lower left corner of your browser window. If you know an intact key or a locked padlock, depending on your server, SSL technology is active and the server is secure. You can also check by looking at the URL line of your browser. When you access a secure server, the first character of the site address changes from "http" to "https". Some versions of browsers and some firewalls do not allow communication through secure servers. In this case, it is not possible to connect to the server and make an order through secure servers.

Emails and Electronic Newsletters
www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com and its affiliates can send electronic newsletters and emails to those who have provided their email address. You will receive newsletters or emails only if you have made a request during registration or by directly filling out the form attached to the newsletter. In the emails and newsletters will be included the instructions to cancel the request. We will inform you that when you make a purchase on www.rugbyjerseyswholesale.com we will send you an e-mail of confirmation of your order and, for issues related to your order, we will be able to contact you by phone, mail or email.